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Sornado Tea Bag 酸立通茶包

Sornado Tea Bag  酸立通茶包

(GST included)

10 Tea Bags that helps to reduce tissue inflammation and joint pain

有助控制尿酸及改善痛風症發作, 每盒10個茶包


Sornado Tea Bags assists in the control of uric acid & gout pain by minimising inflammation and joint pain. This is done by regulating uric acid so that it prevents crystallisation in the joints. With no negative side effects and provided in a tea bag Sornado Tea can work well for any lifestyle.


  • Helps reduce tissue inflammation and reduce joint pain (arthralgia). 
  • No chemically generated compounds. 
  • Reduces crystalization of uric acid.
  • Assists in reduction of inflammation and pain associated with gout. 
  • Promotes excretion of uric acid from the body.


Adult dose:

  • 1 tea bag per day will treat acute symptoms.
  • Infuse in cup for 10 min with fresh boiled water.  
  • Add more hot water for second or third cup if desired.

If discomfort is experienced, then half the dose until symptoms reduce. 

Maintenance dose:

  • For continued relief from gout pain, use 2 or 3 cups per week.


Gnaphalium Ulignosum (Marsh Cudweed) Flower 3200mg + Panax Quinquefolium (American Ginseng) Root 800mg

10 Tea Bags

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