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Concord Sunchih Ganoderma Spore Oil Soft Capsule 康道神芝牌靈芝孢子油

Concord Sunchih Ganoderma Spore Oil  Soft Capsule 康道神芝牌靈芝孢子油

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Enhances the immune system. antioxidant. 60 Soft Capsules/ box

激活及强化身體免疫機制 - 抗衰老, 抗氧化, 輔助放化療。 每盒60軟膠丸。


Made from the raw materials of premium quality Ganoderma Spore Oil is a type of health food with nutritional and therapeutic functions. Concord Sunchih Ganoderma Spore Oil is extracted through the shell-breaking process and germination together with the high technique of supercritical Co2 extraction. The exclusive formula of which has been developed with the continuous efforts by several Australian medical experts over the past decade. Its active pharmacodynamical ingredients are much higher than the other products in the markets. Therefore it’s highly effective.

Characteristics of Ganoderma Spore Oil

One kilogram of Spore powder is extracted from 100 kilograms of Ganoderm Lucidum. 100 kilograms of spore powder can only be made into several kilograms of pure spore oil. The making of the spore oil is a good example of Chinese herbal medicine made through the Western pharmaceutical techniques. It combines the advantages and merits of both the Chinese and Western medicine. The Chinese medicine usually has big dosages but is of slow effect while the western medicine has small dosage but is of quick effect. Such the result is due to the difference on its purity and concentration. A significant milestone of making the Chinese herbal medicine in the Western style is to increase the purity and concentration by adopting the Western pharmaceutical techniques. The Supercritical Co2 extraction techniques adopted by Concord Group in Australia can eliminate the non-effective compositions and highly concentrate the effective ingredients, which is a very significant contribution to the research and production of the herbal medicine. 

High quality standard

Australia GMP-qualified pharmaceutical companies manufacture Concord Nutriceutical products and approved by Regulation of Authority in Australia.


  • Supports and enhances the immune system.
  • Promotes stamina and endurance.
  • Liver tonic.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Relief of the symptoms of influenza/flu.
  • Aids, assists or helps in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being.
  • In healthy individuals helps support and maintain - a healthy immune system, a healthy heart, normal healthy blood pressure, normal healthy cholesterol levels, normal blood sugar levels, and a healthy respiratory system.

If symptoms persist, consult you health doctor.


ADULTS: For therapeutical purposes, 3 capsules twice a day. May be taken in conjunction with Western medicine. For health maintenance, 2 capsules per day.


100% Ganoderma Spore Oil, 150mg/ soft capsule


60 soft capsules/ box


中國醫藥傳統功效: 補氣, 舒緩失眠,舒緩咳嗽, 安心寧神, 改善身體建康。


體弱病者每日两次, 每次二至三粒; 防病保健者早晚服一粒。

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